Cancellation Policy

Cancellations, Terminations, and Reschedules

1. Cancellations: In the event of Client(s) cancellation, all payments made to the date of written cancellation are non-refundable. Liesel Farm must have a cancellation request in writing to cancel any function or wedding. Cancellations will be effective immediately. Unfortunately, Liesel Farm can not offer any refunds, for any reason. We therefore suggest and recommend cancellation/postponement insurance.

2. Changing Dates/Postponements: In the event, the Client(s) chooses to change the date of the event, Liesel Farm will do its utmost best to transfer the booking to assist the new date based on availability (within 12 months of the original event date). All payments/deposits made towards the original booking will be applied to the new date unless the change request occurs within 300 days of the originally scheduled event date. If the date change request occurs within 300 days of the original contract date, all deposits and payments will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required to secure a future date. Liesel Farm venue rental fees for the new date might change, this will be dependent on what the current rates are at the time of the new date.

3. Termination: Liesel Farm has the right to terminate any signed contract if the Client(s) fails to meet or breach any terms of the contract, in which case the cancellation policy will be applied and be in effect immediately.